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Anne Shutan

6671 Lake View Point Dr, Longmont, CO 80503

Follow signs from Hwy 36 & Broadway to Neva Rd (right) to Fairways (right) to Lake View Pt.


Central to my role as an artist is my desire to remind the viewer – and myself – to smile. This is essential to our survival. Wood is the means by which I explore this relationship between art and audience.

In over 40 years of sculpting wood, I have developed an intimate relationship with this once-living material. Indeed, this is what I believe sets wood apart from all other artistic media – it is organic, not manufactured. It is grown, not synthesized.

With my favorite tool, the band saw, I am able to literally turn my sculptures inside out to expose the true middle of the tree - usually the most hidden and protected. Finding the soft, sensual nature inside of such a rough material is an exciting challenge. Putting my saw blades into giant wood beams, the sculpting of rough edges into beckoning twists and cubes, is all about listening and trusting that the soul of the wood will reveal itself.

I invite you to touch them. Come on in...

Sculpture, Furniture, Wood

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