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Jerry Shapins

644 Dewey Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

7th Street to Alley between Dewey and Concord 3rd Building North Side


My work celebrates inspiring urban spaces, landscapes and wildlife. My process of visiting places and documenting those places with research, photography and sketches enables me to learn about the experiences that I love about public places. After composing and beginning a painting idea...I love to apply many layers of transparent paint to explore color and detail and the surprising results of flowing wet paint. After working on larger watercolors in 2020..I began a series of larger acrylic paintings that also included wet flowing transparent paint to depict landform, light and color flows. My most recent painting is a birthday gift to my wife celebrating the animation of art and people in Downtown Boulder. My painting practice is a life long exploration of sketching my heartfelt memories of home, travel and family and the universal delights of urban and natural public spaces.

Painting/Acrylic/Watercolor, Mixed Media, Drawing

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