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Gerda Rovetch

Boulder, CO, USA


I am a 97-year-old collage, oil pastel, and watercolor artist. People often ask about my background. My family left Germany in 1938, and after a sojourn in Switzerland we settled in London just in time for the Blitz. I studied academic art at Hornsey and pottery at Camberwell Art School, and then moved to Oxford where I opened Isis Pottery. There I met my husband, a Fulbright scholar from Detroit, and that’s how I came to the United States. I’ve lived in Boulder since 1957.

Once my children were all in school, I started my own totally personal art, exploring my sense of humor, love of the unexpected, and the vicissitudes of life (collages); my love of color (oil pastels); my love of land (watercolor landscapes), and whatever else happens in my incorrigibly playful mind.

My family lived in New York for three years. There I spent most of my time painting at the Art Students League. I worked with Richard Pousette-Dart and collagist Leo Manso, who told me, “To be a good artist, you have to be as bold as a burglar.”

My solo shows include the Lincoln Gallery in New York, and I was a member of Boulder’s Mustard Seed Gallery for sixteen years. Now I’m glad to share my work through Open Studios. I love it when people say my work makes them look at things in a different way

Painting/Oil/Pastel/Watercolor, Mixed Media, Collage

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