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Brooke Jesse Roberts

Boulder, CO, USA


Art is real-life magic, and in this trying world of ours I am honored to bring that artistic magic into people’s lives. Traditional fine art will forever be my foundation, but over my career I have explored the realms of fashion, accessories, toys, packaging, and all aspects of the design process. My drawing/painting style is fantastical realism as I enjoy the intricacies of realistic art, but my fantastical elements and compositions enhance the mundane we see around us daily. My current 2D project is designing my “Spirit FamiliarsTarot Deck” which nourishes my creative mind, my heart, my soul, and strengthens my connection to nature. I have also begun a 3D venture creating custom soft plush toys tailored to any specific idea or person. My “Sweet Beasties” toys are an enriching area of art for me, and although I will always work in two dimensions, the cuddly playfulness of plush toys delights me to no end and I strive to make toys a more permanent extension of my artistic self.

Painting/Digital, Fiber

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