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Rabid Rabbits

4949 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

#103, In Emerald City industrial complex, far N b
building, facing S.


I find working with wax a contemplative experience. I may have a strong sense of intention, and will extensively plan a stroke of the brush or a layering effect, but this process is often challenging with wax and needs to be executed quickly. With this truth, I always discover something new, even if the piece I am working with strays away from my original intention. I love the diversity of encaustic work, the collage aspects, the variety of material, and the opportunity to layer. My work blends photographic imagery, collage, and other mixed media. Much of my work is archetypal, with a focus on timeless themes, common memories, and the duality of colors and shadows. With this approach and the utilization of various materials, I create pieces that question the notion of space and objects and our relationship to these places and things.

Jewelry, Painting, Sculpture

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