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Caren Paul

295 Pine Needle Rd, Boulder, CO 80304


My work with water-based media pays homage to the spectacular and sometimes fantastical designs of nature found all around us. I don't want to over-think being a painter. I paint for the joy of creating and to celebrate color. I am most inspired by the intricate patterns, textures, forms and colors seen in the natural world - whether I am looking at animals, flowers, rocks or deserts. Often the results are representational, but lately my brush has veered toward a more abstract interpretation of what I see and feel. Either way, I'm just having fun with art - expressing my appreciation for this incredible planet.

So, here I stand at my easel and wonder if I can I create something visually delicious today. Will my canvas somehow celebrate the form, color, texture, scale, flow of the natural world outside? Will I smile when I look at it in the morning? Will you?

Painting/Water Media, Drawing

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