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Charli Ornett

4944 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80301

Studio G: Studio is on Pearl Street (not Pearl Parkway), just East of 49th Street. Studio entrance is on far east side of building through storefront doors.


A longtime magazine art director, I have been an encaustic (hot wax) artist since 2001. The spring of 2023 I started working with its polar opposite: cold wax and oil. While I am still very much a novice with this new medium I continue to explore the tension between the definite and the amorphous, that place where a hard edge or line meets the soft and yielding. In both art and life I think this border between land and sky, sleeping and waking, curiosity and certainty, is where we are most alive and can see most clearly.

Painting/Encaustic, Drawing, Mixed Media

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