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Steve O'Bryan

Boulder, CO, USA


Re-wilding the Western Landscape.

I live in Boulder, Colorado, a place where natural beauty is easy to find any day, any season. Photography follows this beauty. But as a photographer, I can also step into what the landscape painter, Kathryn Mapes Turner, calls the “metaphorical fog”, to create images that help a viewer move beyond a literal landscape and into the mythic.

The mythic? The vast expanse of the western landscape evokes all that I consider mythic: Our human, emotional, and psychological reaction to these natural elements, those places we often pass but don’t see; those places that can take us out of the human-created, tick-tick-tick of life, and leave us on our own to “contact” a wildness beyond our control. As human beings, we are a part of these landscapes, not apart from them.

Metaphorically, a re-wilding of the landscape that opens its many layers of possible meanings for the viewer. I invite viewers to their own re-wilding of the landscape.


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