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Agatha Moya

Longmont, CO 80503, USA


I was born to be an artist; it was my calling.  I always saw the world differently & responded to it differently. My curiosity and vivid imagination kept me learning and exploring.  When I was 3 years old, I knew I was going to be an artist when I grew up. That was that.

I have lived in Longmont for many years, but I am originally from New Mexico.  I was raised in the small farming community of Tomé, New Mexico, which is nestled along the fertile valley of the lower Rio Grande River.  It is steeped in traditional culture, and the splendor of nature. Growing up in that environment was a gift, it touched me in a deep and profound way, that is still with me today.

I roamed the fields, smelled the sweet fragrance of alfalfa and the rain, I tasted rocks in my mouth, watched spiders as they meticulously constructed their delicate webs.  I witnessed the morning light of dawn change to dusk and the magic of the night sky unfold.  I learned the value of solitude and patience.

My deep connection to trees also began in those early years.  I spent much of my time playing under the gnarly, twisted branches of the majestic, old cottonwoods. It brought me comfort being in the presence of their tranquility and their stoic beauty.  I often imagined what stories they would share with me if they could talk.

These are some of the experiences and lessons that formed my love and connection to the land and nature.  They awakened my sense of awe, wonder and curiosity about the natural world.  The trees and celestial bodies have been my stead-fast companions throughout my life, they have never failed to heal me and make me feel grounded.

The trees depicted in my artwork are a metaphor for the human spirit and heart. They represent endurance, heartbreak, joy, wounds that didn’t heal properly, adaptation, change, and gaining wisdom and strength as the years go by. Trees, like humans, are perfect in their imperfections and their flaws, those are the things that make us interesting.  We are a testament to survival and the ability to thrive against all odds.

I create for the joy of creating, I enjoy the process.  Most of my work is inspired by nature, but I also create work with traditional New Mexico themes and a bit of whimsey.  My medium is pencil, ink, colored pencil and acrylics.  I show my artwork at coffee shops, galleries and any place where people can enjoy it.

My creative process is spontaneous, but also deliberate. I spend a lot of time observing nature and trees, and looking up at the sky.  When something moves me, I quickly make a sketch, and/or take a photo to bring back to my studio.  I experiment, sometimes fail and start again, if need be.  I try to capture the spirit and essence of my subject, so my work is detailed.  As an image evolves, it takes on a life of its own, acquiring its own energy.

I hope that my artwork evokes an appreciation for nature.  We are not separate from it - it is a part of us and we are a part of it.  Mother Nature is powerful and yet extremely delicate and fragile.  We cannot take her for granted or abuse her, for she will fight back and will always have the last word - always.

Painting, Drawing

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