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Megan Morgan

1808 Garfield Avenue, Louisville, CO 80027, USA


Megan primarily works with two mediums: repurposed burlap and tusche washes. Burlap is a renewable resource with rich texture and unique characteristics for making abstract marks and forms. Megan uses burlap in her artworks to represent struggle, imperfection, and sustainability. Tusche wash has unpredictable behaviors, and she enjoys how it moves as if it has a mind of its own.

When Megan is up for a formidable challenge, she draws on burlap with oil pastels to create richly textured art. Megan hand-stretches repurposed coffee bags over wooden frames. She loves drawing on the knobbly surfaces of the burlap — a strenuously time-consuming adventure. Megan also uses burlap to create monoprints or sculptural works. She cuts, deconstructs, and reshapes burlap pieces and then presses them into inks on her custom-made gelatin plates. She also paints on burlap, sews, and creates burlap sculptures.

Painting/Pastel, Drawing, Mixed Media

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