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Kathryn Moller

2101 Jonathan Pl, Boulder, CO 80304


I love to conceive and create art in paintings, moments, events, and environments that delight, enlarge and deepen, make life glow, and change our perception.  Life is abundant with raw materials for art--endless intersecting/overlapping moments, insights, stories and journeys. As a creative I have deeply explored the worlds of dance, choreography, directing, devising, performance art, puppetry, music, and painting. In all of these artistic, creative worlds, concept and composition surface and re-surface. I automatically use conceptual and compositional elements from all of these disciplines to guide and inform my work: spirit, space, breath, body, shape, flow, topography, violence, repetition, voice, energy, color, texture, line, resistance and memory all surface and resurface in my process as tools that blur the boundaries and open doors for exciting, ever changing creative possibilities.


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