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Eva Maier

1740 Cedar Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

The studio is in the back yard behind the house. Follow the path on the west side of the house.


My small “creature” sculptures are assemblages of ceramic and fiber parts. I create every detail of my sculptures in my studio in Boulder.  The ceramic and porcelain parts are hand built, glazed and fired. The fiber parts are knitted, crocheted, felted, stitched, and hand sewn. The fabrics I use, are mainly re-purposed from items such as antique tea towels and linens, sometimes dyed with tea leaves, coffee, onion skins, and other natural dyes.   

I grew up in Switzerland in a culture that put a high value on the teaching of traditional crafts. My family engaged in the Swiss carnival culture and I grew up making costumes every year. During my time living in New Orleans, I felt at home amongst its amazing Mardi Gras culture and creative energy. Now I love combining my passion for sculpting, costumes, painting (glazing), and fiber arts in my pieces.

Sculpture, Ceramic, Fiber, Mixed Media

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