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Kathleen LeRoy

4939 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

#58, In the Crowd Collective, west building in complex


LeRoy was raised in the deep south and currently lives at the foot of the Rocky Mountains. Both places influence, inform, and inspire her abstract landscape paintings. Currently her work reveals the places that are redolent of memories of nature throughout her life. The continued imaginings of southern landscape have an important influence on her work to this day. LeRoy has come to recognize how much the simplicity of early experiences taught her the way to see the world and eventually create on the canvas.

LeRoy uses acrylic paint on stretched canvas, mostly palette knife with some brush, large scrapers, water, and rags. She uses a lot of paint to form heavy texture and diffuse lines. LeRoy believes that art is integration of form and feeling, and that relying on too much of one or the other can come across confusing and leave the viewer unsatisfied. But when a balance and harmony of the two emerges the viewer experiences a vibration that is palpable and moving.


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