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Sally King

618 Apple Valley Rd, Lyons, CO 80540

Take Hwy 36 out of Lyons, CO- 2nd Rt is Apple Valley. Go 1/2 mile to studio


I write the art column for the Lyons Redstone Review. And through the process of writing- I have seen how dearly I hold the values of art and being an artist. I've even found myself giving lectures at the local library entitled We Need Our Artists.

The process of making art is a bit like taking truth serum. There is no hiding from the experience of doubt, fear, and self judgment to the flip of that experience, which is illumination, confidence, and success.

The selling of Art has always been a sticky wicket for me…. but as my values have become more clarified I feel willing to enter into the dance. It is an honor to participate in someone else's life through their selection of a piece of my art. To be a part of someone's home through my art is an Alchemy, and together we make gold.

Painting/Acrylic, Printmaking

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