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Kathy Icenogle

1215 Cedar Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

Enter by stairs at left side of old school building (alternate entrance available).


Although I had some elementary exposure to drawing, ceramics and photography in my early years, I spent most of my life working with the left side of my brain in the computer industry. Between earning a paycheck and family life, I got little opportunity to discover what the right side of my brain could do until I retired to Boulder 10 years ago.

I loved getting my hands dirty with clay again at the Pottery Lab, and subsequently took more advanced ceramics classes through the East Side Art Institute. I was just starting to play with the idea of combining organic hand-sculpted forms with the more structured forms that come off a wheel when Covid locked us all down.

For me, the silver lining of the Covid lockdown was discovering pastels – taking lessons from a teacher I connected with via Zoom. So, for the past few years, I’ve been getting my fingers dirty with the intense color of pastels and translating what I see into paintings that capture the beauty I see out in nature.

Painting, Pastel, Ceramics

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