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Sean Hudson

630 Cree Circle, Boulder, CO 80303, USA


As a Colorado artist, I explore the Western landscape, its native fauna, and its inhabitants through diverse mediums and styles. Art provides me an outlet for curiosity, self-expression, and creative fulfillment beyond my professional endeavors. Art serves as therapy, soothing the mind and offering respite from daily stress while enabling emotional expression and cathartic release.

I strive to convey more than an initial visual impression in my paintings. While I frequently depict landscapes and objects from the American West, my goal is not simply to display a picturesque rural setting. My artistic approach has evolved from realism to a fluid, abstract style, where I challenge landscape boundaries and delight in spontaneous mark-making—embracing unconventional mark-making tools, like razor blades and bubble wrap, to experiment with textures and layers. This fusion of destruction and creation embodies my journey, continually pursuing new horizons and discovering my authentic voice.

Painting, Pastel, Mixed Media

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