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Lee Heekin

3696 Martinique Ave, Boulder, CO 80301


I explore the tension between accepting and defying boundaries in a variety of different mediums. The grid has been a constant in my work and is the structure in which my creativity comes to life. My work has evolved from photography where I explored the negative realms of confinement using the grid as a representation of rigidity and control. Now I find my artmaking focused more on the attempts to push against those confinements, and explore disorder vs. order. I use the grid as a structure to help make sense of and order the chaos. I use repetition and abundance to speak to the chaos in our world and in our minds.  Most recently I’ve been cutting up painted paper and exploring with ink paintings. These fragments are cut up, rearranged and placed together in the confinements of their frames. My hopes are for my fragmented shapes to turn into rhythmic patterns born from my compulsive cutting and reconstruction.

Painting, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Printmaking

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