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Lael Har

1025 Rosewood Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

#108: North on Broadway, left on Rosewood to the end of the road, take a right turn into my parking lot. Studio door facing north towards the fence.


I paint to capture the moment of light on a landscape. I rely on the essence of a place instead of its realness. My art is an exploration of how acrylic paint and mixed media represent mood, light, movement, and capture the essence of my subject. I often paint Alla prima with big brushes, pallet knives, spatulas, and mediums. I aim to infuse the painting with marks that capture spontaneity, energy, and color. By painting contemporary abstracts I leave room for the viewer’s subjective participation.

I started with traditional university training, then mentoring with an accomplished teacher that set me on the path of a full-time professional art career. I continue evolving these methods and developing a teaching style that nourishes the unique creative voice of each student. I was honored to create the "memorial“ mural at the Table Mesa King Soopers seen on the last slide.


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