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Elizabeth Hake

6289 Corinth Road, Longmont, CO, USA

Nelson Rd to 65th to Corinth Rd, 5th house on Right, Enter west side gate.


I currently work in sculpture and jewelry - jewelry since 1993, and stepping out of my comfort zone in the fall of 2019 to work larger with steel. It was a surprise to me working with a new medium that two bodies of work would constantly inform each another.

My work revolves around the possibilities and physical properties of metal, and the process of creating a piece. Most recently the recurring theme is implied perspective, and creating 3-D designs which mimic 2-D perspective drawings.

I listen to my materials; while working on a piece I’m in a dialogue with it and adjust my design and vision during the process to incorporate the materials natural tendencies. Instead of bending the metal to my will I am learning to let it do what is in its nature. Most often pieces start as an idea seen in my mind, then are translated to drawings or Maquettes. To me, Art is a verb and the process keeps me hungry for more creating!

Jewelry, Sculpture/Metal

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