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Fran Gordon

Longmont, CO, USA


My mixed Media, Dimensional Art, is often based on one of a kind found and/or repurposed materials.

My colors are often muted in sepia tone to infer the connection to the past with steam locomotives and cranked phones made from found objects.

In my functional clock collections, I use backgrounds of vintage sheet music, and unidentified metal pieces. My custom clock works reflect collaboration with the owner in producing a piece that allows for both the uncertainty of the found objects and the fulfillment of their vision.

In my new Italy Series, I have been experimenting with using original photo transfers and then hand painting with acrylics to capture the tone and feel of my love for Italy. I add recycled/repurposed materials for added dimensional effects.

I do not weld, but rather use a nuts and bolts approach to carefully create a strong connection.

Sculpture, Mixed Media

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