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Bari Gisin

2888 Bluff Street, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Uncommon Wares


I grew up seeing the world through the lens of my father’s camera. With my son in tow, I see the world through my eyes, and the curiosity in his.

I am endlessly in awe at the beauty of the world. The same tree looks different every day, in every light. When I get complacent, about another sunrise, sunset, singing bird, or horses in the distance, I have the reflection of the awe of nature reflected in my son’s eye. And my insatiable desire to pick up my camera, and capture what I see.

For me, photography captures the beauty of the world, our shared emotions, and the perfection of nature, whether we are too busy to see it ourselves or recall our own experiences.

In memory of my father’s desire to share this magical place and his journey, I discovered the world through the lens of his camera. I hope you discover the world through mine.

I print on a metallic archival paper as it gives the finest definition to my artwork.


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