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Anne Gifford

Boulder, CO, USA



I paint with watercolor where I build successive layers of color  to create vibrant, rich, and detailed paintings. I have lived in Boulder since 1976 and find inspiration in the natural beauty of Colorado. Light, shadows, rocks, water, mountains, canyons, wildlife and whimsy are all part of my subject matter as I bring my own unique vision to my work. 

I am an award winning artist and the eight time poster artist for the  Bolder Boulder 10K Memorial Day Race. Among other awards, my paintings have been chosen to represent  the 150th Anniversary of Boulder County  and the 40th Anniversary of Boulder County Open Space. I was an artist/owner of the Boulder Arts and Crafts Gallery, where I displayed my work and networked with local artists for over 40 years.  One of the most rewarding aspects of my long career is that it has provided me  with the opportunity to bring joy into the lives of others through my artwork,  and that is why I paint.


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