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Amy Gates

7983 Grasmere Drive, Boulder, CO 80301


A tree-hugger at heart, I enjoy combining my love of the earth and my creative side into making unique up-cycled leather and vintage tin jewelry. By using repurposed items like thrifted leather/suede jackets and vintage cookie tins, I am able to take something old and discarded and give it new life by making it into wearable art! I primarily make earrings, but also some necklaces and bracelets and the occasional wall hanging.

We live in a throw away society, but I hope to mitigate that a little bit in my own way by giving old items a second chance. It is my goal to make beautiful jewelry that is both eco-friendly and affordable. In addition, I believe in “giving back” and donate 5% of all sales to a non-profit organization -- currently The Trevor Project, which focuses on suicide prevention among LGBTQ youth. 


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