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Susan Garson & Tom Pakele

4649 Eldorado Springs Dr, Boulder, CO 80303

Walk to the left of the studio and enter through side door.


My personal mythology and dreams have always been integral to my artwork. What may appear lighthearted on the surface can translate into more complex and emotional scenarios.

I need the flexibility to work in diverse mediums. For many years I had been working on a series of narrative watercolors and ceramic pieces. Both mediums are conducive to spontaneity, something I can endlessly explore. With watercolor, there is little margin for error because of the nature of the materials. In graduate school many years ago I focused on intaglio printmaking (etching) and now it’s

possible to collage pieces of older prints into something new. Lately I've been painting mixed media pieces on different size unstretched canvas, and making ceramic plaques with a similar spirit.

I continue to be inspired, mystified and challenged.

Painting, Drawing, Ceramics

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