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Carol Gantos

Boulder, CO 80305, USA


Shibori & Fiori, combines Shibori dye techniques on cotton cloth, that I’ve practiced for over 12 years, combined with hand-painted watercolor blooms on scarves and tissue tees.

I’m a fashion and surface designer with a B.F.A. from FIT, NYC, yet have always been an artisan, fascinated by fabric, movement, color, shape and bling.

Currently, I’m inspired by the film, Fashion Reimagined, a catalyst for my latest work. This has transformed my point of view back to my original artisan craftsmanship. As artists, our intellectual creative property is important. It stands to be seized by technology and others who feel it is theirs for the taking. It’s time to claim it back.

In the spirit of making something of seemingly humble beginnings, my projects are inspired by repurposing, reclaiming and reimagining pre-loved cloth, color and crystals divinely sparkling around us.

“For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it."

Fiber, Painting

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