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Lorena Fox

6307 Laodicea Rd, Longmont, CO, USA


Lorena Fox is a contemporary artist living and working in the foothills of Boulder, Colorado. Her paintings are known for their energetic, textural and dynamic style, often walking the line between abstract and impressionistic. She mostly paints with a palette knife, building up layers to create colorful harmony, depth and movement. Lorena’s process usually involves quick, intuitive strokes. The sessions can be intense and focused, full of raw energy and movement around the studio. Her colorful artworks are always inspired by the beauty found in nature. “This world is full of color and life. My goal is not to replicate the world exactly, but rather abstract and stretch preconceived notions of reality."

In addition to fine art, Lorena has been a graphic designer, multimedia designer, and art director for over 20 years, accumulating numerous design awards in that time. She currently owns and is creative director of Matika Studios. Lorena also mentors other designers.


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