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Tom Foster

208 Pearl St, Boulder, CO 80302

Hidden driveway at the very west end of Pearl St. Bring your hiking shoes!


My photographic art emphasizes structure, design, and color. My unique technique deemphasizes technology and derives notoriety from my study of nature, my unedited photos, and my design talents. During my art shows, I am asked about my medium and my subject matter. During my Open Studios tour, I would discuss my technique and how I integrate my subject matter with my chosen framing. My photos are dye-sublimated on recycled aluminum by a local print shop. I choose this frame because it fits my photographic style. All of my photographs, regardless of subject matter, adhere to my personal design. Using a basic DSRL camera with long lenses, I focus on a small subject in the foreground. With this camera set, the background is blurred and only the form and color are important. The foreground focus is enhanced. I look forward to opening my studio, showing my art, and discussing my photographic technique to my friends, acquaintances, and art collectors in Boulder County.


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