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Nicholas Emery

3227 Ridge Road, Nederland, CO 80466, USA

Boulder Canyon to Hurricane Hill to Ridge Road.


Sacred space is the condition we create through ritualized behavior so that magic might appear. Magic can be understood as an illuminative transformation of self through ritualized behavior, where we come to understand our nature, and our place in the web of Nature.

In my work I construct visually coded messages within the structure of the painting. I invite viewers to experience themselves and our world from a different perspective, newly. When effective, my artwork is the liminal space by which you or I may see and experience ourselves and our place in the world differently.

Broadly, my work is land-based and site-specific. That exploration has led me to an investigation of our relationships with Nature that includes fire, industry, boundaries, wildness and heritage, and begins with an examination of how the majority human culture imprints itself on the land.

My work tends to include both beauty and trauma and is a visual echo of what I perceive as taking place on the land.


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