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Willi Eggerman

1815 Orchard Ave, Boulder, CO 80304

Studio door is lower level, off the driveway.


Willi Eggerman is a sculptor, potter, player, learner and teacher with clay and glazes. Her work contains the nuance experience of more than 35 years. Varied textures and one of a kind surface decoration highlight her work in both fine porcelain tableware and her sculptures for the home and garden. With clay, her love of making and design get to come together, as drawing and painting are an important aspect of her artwork. Every kiln load gives new incite and ideas for the next.

Working in porcelain, much of her tableware is decorated with abstracted botanical designs. Often she carves it with textures from nature as well. Hand building, throwing, carving and painting are combined in pieces to make the work rich with tactile nuance and design surprises, even on the bottoms. Glazes she chooses are often from a love of their ‘feel’ as well as their variations in the firing atmosphere. Works are made in series with families of pieces, but each is one of a kind. Willi sculpts, working in stoneware and earthenware. Her shapes are organic and nature based. The female figure and botanical are common themes her clay work, in the surface decoration or the form itself. Often she unifies plant and animal as one in her work.

Eggerman uses many firing methods including reduction in the gas kiln she built with her husband and atmospheric salt firing at the Boulder Potters' Guild for much of her artwork. Sculptures are often fired multiple times and include mixed media.

Eggerman teaches small classes and workshops in her studio in N. Boulder. She has taught many classes at the Boulder Potters’ Guild and Studio Arts Boulder, as well as workshops at the Arvada Art Center, UNC in Greeley, Arapahoe Community College in Denver, and Augsburg University in Minneapolis.

Ceramic, Sculpture, Painting/Acrylic

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