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Lois Edgar

Boulder, CO, USA


I began working in ceramics in my twenties in California, in classes taught by Ed Traynor at Pasadena City College. After a long break to follow a career as a research biologist, I returned to clay and joined the Boulder Potters' Guild in 2002. Since retiring from lab work in 2007, artwork has been a major pursuit in my life.

My ceramics is mostly functional, salt fired or reduction fired stoneware and porcelain. I decorate my pots with slips, underglazes, wax resist, carving, and inlay. Birds and animals feature prominently in my work, perhaps explained by my background in biology. Another source of inspiration is primitive art and cave paintings.

I also work in paper, making prints and handprinted embossed cards. For this work, I have a large etching press, which has seen lots of use over the years. I make the original designs for plates in clay, then make a master mold from these using liquid rubber; a final plate is then cast in epoxy resin for use in the press.

Ceramic, Printmaking

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