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Naomi Edelberg

Lafayette, CO 80026, USA


As humanity becomes more dependent on machines and

technology to sustain our daily lives, many people feel their senses have been dulled and disconnected. People long to be inspired, to be more engaged with their surroundings and feel connected. Even more so during this time and going through a World Wide pandemic. My fluid style style seeks to reunite the senses as we celebrate the moments of our days and navigate our paths.

My hand cut flowing style is based on the intersection of art, science and healing. Although I must purchase many needed supplies for my art, I use reclaimed and recycled materials as often as possible and I am al-ways searching for up-cycled glass, old church glass and sea glass to in-corporate into my creations.

These large installations and hanging works, nudge the onlookers to reconnect with their senses through the movement, color and light of glass. Though glass can be a rigid and unforgiving medium, I search for the natural fluidity within the glass, expanding on its’ sensuality and al-lowing its’ organic flow to find its’ full expression. Look and you will find not a narrative but more an autobiography.

Stained Glass

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