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Karen A. Dombrowski-Sobel

2804 16th St, Boulder, CO 80304, USA

Corner of Balsam and 16th Streets


Karen A Dombrowski-Sobel is an interdisciplinary artist who breaks boundaries with her artwork. With influences from nature, spirituality, and surrealism, her creations transport viewers to dreamlike worlds that linger in their minds. Karen's artistic process often involves printing photographs onto canvas and then painting over them. Photoshop is used to add more depth and richness to her pieces. She has hand printed B/W photographs for many years, often painting on the prints.

Karen paints in acrylics, creating diverse works ranging from abstraction to realism. Her love for nature and commitment to the environment shine through in her work, and her book ""Trees Speak; Healing Ourselves and Our Planet"". Karen's art has been displayed and sold in galleries in NYC, Carmel, and the Hamptons. Her unique perspective and creative vision are a testament to her unwavering dedication to her craft and the environment.

Painting, Photography, Jewelry

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