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Erinn Diekman

4919 North Broadway, Boulder, CO 80303



I love the flexibility fused glass offers as a medium. The wide range of techniques possible with fusible glass allow me to be spontaneous when creating some pieces while being able to carefully plan out the more complex fused and painted windows.

I create art that represents the beautiful moments in life. The mandala pieces represent my journey through some very dark times and arriving in the beauty of feeling joy after sadness. When creating these pieces, I do not use patterns. I simply begin with the center design ideas and let the flow work its magic.

At the other end of the spectrum are my fused and painted windows. Painting on glass is my absolute favorite technique. Traditional glass painting is an ancient form of storytelling and I love the history connected to that. I love that I can tell my stories using this historic medium. Music is a huge love of mine and an outlet for the incredible range of human emotions we experience.

Glass, Mixed Media

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