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Alissa Davies

325 S 41st St, Boulder, CO 80305

Please enter through gate on left side of house and go in side door.


I paint abstractly because it communicates my inner world in the most succinct and honest way. Because acrylics are quick-drying and easy to layer they are able to showcase a past that shines through even when a painting is finished. There is no preconceived idea when I paint, rather I allow the painting to unfold as it needs to. Taking risks, not holding on too preciously, playing, and being curious guide my art-making. My hope is that viewers feel alive when they look at my work, that they feel moved in an emotional way.

One of my greatest inspirations is the natural world and often my work is influenced by colors and patterns found in leaves, trees, flowers and insects that I witness on my trail runs, on the river, or by the oceans of Maine, where I am originally from. This love of environment is interwoven with curiosity about my own inner landscape, about the internal feelings that get to be expressed non-verbally through paint. Art-making is my greatest solace and therapy.


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