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Jane Cunningham

Boulder, CO, USA

Near corner of Poplar and Broadway.


I paint with oil paint and cold wax. I love the tactile nature of the wax and the vibrant colors of oil paint; mixing the two creates a thick, rich medium that lends itself to layering. More than anything my paintings remind me of my dreams. I never know where a painting will go when I start. Will it reveal itself immediately or will I be painting blind for weeks before it knows what it wants to be? What intrigues me most about abstract painting is that a painting can be anything and nothing at the same time. Like dreams, I find painting to be mysterious, richly layered and shape shifting continually. Paintings, like dreams, can affect me emotionally in polar opposite ways at the same time and I have no idea why.

When I get drawn into a painting, I am all in. I wake up thinking about the painting. I carry it in the back room of my mind throughout the day, just like a dream, which is a familiar territory for me. I have worked as a psychotherapist for over 30 years with a specialty of working with the unconscious through, dreams, meditation, shamanic journeying and somatic work. There is an art in working with the unconscious, particularly dreams. It requires the patience to navigate through murky territory with a light touch. If you grasp a dream too tightly it vanishes. Dreams are fleeting, just like the creative impulse while painting. I find this both enticing and exasperating at times. The not-knowing-the-mystery keeps me hooked. It keeps me painting. Feel free to browse through my website and contact me if you are interested in a painting.


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