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Donna Coupard

3011 Washington St, Boulder, CO 80304

The studio is in the red barn facing Washington St (to the left/S of the house)


My formal training was as a dancer, historian, and therapist. My personal art school was circumstance: In my late 20’s I was hit with MS. While I had always been “Donna the dancer,” suddenly I was bedridden. I had been smart, and now I was too exhausted to string thoughts together. Over the four years I was incapacitated I lay there watching the world – really seeing as only someone who is so still can. I saw light and shadow, line and color. I studied the art on my walls stroke by stroke, and when I emerged I began painting.

My eye now attuned, I had to train my hand. I began slowly in 2000 drawing my daughter each day. When able, I voraciously attended Open Studios and spoke with artists about their process. I found that whether painting flowers or faces, they are just light and shadow, line and color. This past year I have taken those paintings, copied them and tore or cut them into pieces. I then reassembled them into new representational work, breathing new life into my work.

Painting/Acrylic, Pastel

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