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Peg Connery-Boyd

2888 Bluff Street, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Uncommon Wares


I am an oil painter specializing in contemporary, colorful landscapes, seascapes, and florals, focusing on capturing the beauty of the natural world. I have been painting for over 25 years, originally starting with figures and portrait work in a very realistic style that was taught by my teacher in Connecticut, Christopher Zhang.  I learned a great deal about color, light and composition when I was painting realistically, but I craved more expression and freedom in my work. Year by year, I became bolder and looser and started working on larger canvases, and now feel that my work is where I want it to be, and I like to think of it as a bridge between realism and abstraction.  I am a prolific painter, and I work at my craft in my studio almost every day. I also enjoy getting out in nature and painting plein air. My work shows my passion for my subject with bold brushstrokes and texture.  Most recently, I have been enjoying spreading my wings and working on larger pieces.

Painting, Oil

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