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Cris Conklin

3185 Sterling Circle, Boulder, CO 80301, USA


In creating my pottery and sculpture, I start by wheel throwing or hand building each piece. I use a variety of clay bodies, including red stoneware, white stoneware and porcelain. While my overall style remains consistent, I enjoy the variety of color and texture achieved by using different clays.

My pottery and most of my sculpture is decorated using the sgraffito technique. When the form is finished and the clay is still slightly soft, I brush colored clay slip over the surface. I then meticulously carve away the background, revealing the clay underneath. This technique allows me to create colorful, clean-lined designs with rich surface texture.

I fire my work in a variety of kilns in order to achieve the desired finish on each piece. Most of my work is salt fired in a gas kiln. At 2400 degrees salt is added to the kiln where it vaporizes and randomly lands on the pots. The sodium reacts with the clay to form a natural glaze. This type of firing is very exiting because it produces a wide variety of color and texture throughout the kiln and sometimes even on the same piece.

I find inspiration in the beauty of the natural world, and I strive to capture the spirit of animals and plants in my sculptures and on the surfaces of my pottery. Through my work I hope to share my love and respect for all living things.


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