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Karen Conduff

Boulder, CO 80302, USA


Jamie Wyeth once said “You have to love a medium to work in it. I love the feel and smell of oil. I could eat it”.

To me oil paint is like cake icing. I can pile it on to imitate the buttery texture of an avocado or scratch into it to create the feeling of the spiky hair of a dog.

I fall in love with nature every day, and find beauty in the most mundane items. I’m not particularly interested in the sweeping vistas or the postcard views. I prefer to paint the intimate corners of our lives - the eddy in a creek covered with leaves or the ravens holding council in the yard.

I learned long ago that not everyone can see the beauty we are surrounded by. My hope is that my paintings will inspire people to see like an artist so they, too, will fall in love with their surroundings no matter where they are.


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