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Rosie Compton

Easy Rider Ln, Boulder, CO 80304, USA



As a photographer, I search for the extraordinary in what could be considered ordinary and even mundane. Using the camera as both a 'telescope' and 'microscope', I find endless fascination within my daily surroundings. Marvelous occurrences, big and small, happen all the time, but easily remain unnoticed amidst the noise of modern life.

I work digitally, but my practice and aesthetic is informed by the intricacies of shooting with 35mm film. When I am out with my camera, I experience life at a calmer pace and look out at the world with a sense of wonder. The majority of my photographs are taken within miles of where I live. From the subtle beauty of the changing seasons to the everyday drama of the natural elements, I find the sublime all around - hiding within plain sight.

I hope that my photographs, as small slices from my own explorations, inspire others to take a new look at everyday scenery and approach the seemingly mundane with fresh curiosity.


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