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Cha Cha Makes Art

1501 Lee Hill Dr, Boulder, CO 80302

Unit 13: Studio located on the corner of 28th St. and Lee Hill Road. Park and enter from 28th St. side.


I live in the beautiful state of Colorado. As a multi media artist, sculptor and most recently photography. I am witness to the beauty of living in Colorado and it constantly inspires my work. Using my camera, I will photograph my composition and then play with it in several digital photo apps. I print them on canvas and sometimes acrylic paint is added to highlight areas of interest. I have been a professional artist since the early 80s and I have worked in over 13 different art mediums. Digital photo manipulation is my newest passion. What I like about photography is that I get to recognize the gift of the beauty in front of me, capture it and play with it! It’s all about capturing a moment in time. Sometimes you look up, and there it is!

My art studio features multiple art mediums from the aforementioned photo work to clay bird sculptures and metal sculptures. I have a wide visual appetite.

Sculpture, Mixed Media, Photography

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