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Catherine Carilli

1890 Quince Ave, Boulder, CO 80304


I am a contemporary artist who works with abstraction, narrative, and nature in my artwork. My love of painting brought me to the University of Wisconsin. I received an MFA in Painting + Drawing. Abstract painting is a big part of my artwork. The abstract paintings are intuitive plunging into memory, symbol, place. The paintings unfold into a world of color. I am influenced by graffiti. Mark making is central to each painting. I am inspired by the color of festivals. I think about an activity like Jump or Shine and run with it!

I have moved around a lot, from the cities in the East to Western mountains and prairie. My environment influences me, and memory. I do not believe an artist is limited to a certain media or style. The concept behind the artwork defines what media I use. I create installations. I enjoy making objects for installations, and finding materials and putting them together to make a statement, a space. They are often based on nature. I see art as exploration.

Painting/Oil, Mixed Media, Sculpture

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