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Lisa Marvin Brusino

2550 49th St, Boulder, CO 80301, USA

Unit #2, Pull into parking lot. Find "Showroom 49" sign.


Lisa Marvin Brusino is an abstract painter who grew up in Upstate N.Y. and moved around quite a bit before settling in Boulder CO in her early thirties. An early memory of winning a drawing contest in kindergarten became a proud moment for a shy child. Drawing and painting as a youngster and early teen was a passion that never waned. She went to CU at Boulder as an Art Major for two years before transferring to a liberal arts college in NY for Graphic Design.

After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design she immediately moved to Manhattan to pursue her craft. She was able to make a living this way but was always yearning to do more unrestricted artwork. After many years in Graphic Design, she was restless and started a mural painting business in Boulder Colorado. Boulder was a place she had fallen in love with while at CU years before. She did mural painting full and part time while raising her son in Boulder. 


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