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Nina Brandin

2490 Grape Ave, Boulder, CO 80304, USA


NINAB is a culmination of a lifetime of experiences. The working properties of precious metals captivated me at a young age and has always been a way for me to escape, express myself and find moments of freedom. This jewelry represents a new life I’m creating, and hope I’m sharing. Each piece is designed to accent your beauty and refresh your energy.

Throughout my adult life I have struggled because of the various ways I found to escape. I am now on my path of recovery and am grateful every day. I hope that you also feel the connection to spirituality, serenity, community and personal growth through my jewelry.

I make each piece of jewelry in my private workshop in Boulder, Colorado. Starting with silver and gold in sheet and wire form, I hand build and finish each item giving it a unique energy feel. I often include beautiful gemstones and fossils.

When Nina isn’t at the workbench, she enjoys playing upright bass with the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra and finding freedom snowboarding in the Colorado mountains.

Jewelry/Silver, Gold, Gemstones, Fossils

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