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Kathleen Bogan

1025 Rosewood, Boulder CO 80304

Travel north on Broadway past Violet; turn left just before the Shell station on the left. Follow Rosewood to the end until you see the sign for "Lael Gallery" and turn right into the parking area. Studio is on the north side of the building.


Through my work I try to express an emotion or experience, using both representation and abstraction. My process is one of change and revision, involvement in an idea, then sometimes reversing course. In this way my practice is a meditation on wandering and returning, willingness to allow the unexpected arise, and exploring what happens next.These acrylic and mixed media paintings explore further my interest in the landscape, light, and experimentation. Some of the images incorporate collage papers onto older paintings. Others develop “from scratch”, and grow out of a particular place or experience, imagined or real.

The collage papers are ones that I have painted myself, loosely, or are from a collection of papers my mother owned. She was a hand bookbinder and collected and created many kinds of paper, included marbled paper, washi, and others. This is the first year I have used the papers extensively in my own work.

Painting/Acrylic, Mixed Media

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