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Linda Bice

4043 New Haven Ct, Boulder, CO 80304


I celebrate the beauty that surrounds us through my use of color, light and shape. Soft Pastel has been my favorite medium for years. I love the immediacy of holding the color right in my hand and using my fingers to move the colors around. I also enjoy the dryness of the medium which really works well when Plein Air painting. There is no waiting for layers to dry which means I can paint with clean crisp color without having to wait for the materials to catch up with my mind.

When I am feeling more playful, I create abstract work that sings in color. These paintings allow me the kind of freedom I felt growing up on a farm in New England where I first learned to appreciate the amazing beauty that surrounds us. “I enjoy creating daily and hope that my work gives you the feeling of sacred beauty that I cherish and find prevalent everywhere I look.”


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