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Kristen Abbott

741 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO, USA

Walk up the stairs inside the front door & turn down the hall to your left.


In this body of work I use a wet cyanotype process to create emotive and luminous works of art. I invite my physical environment to become an active participant in my art process through light and water, shadow and leaves. Each piece is painted with cyanotype emulsion in a darkroom, then brought outdoors into the sun for exposure, and is eventually altered by my hand through organic chemical compounds as well as watercolor and pan pastels. It is through embracing the unpredictable elements that emerge during the wet cyanotype process that I engage with the push and pull between the painter and the painting as well as between the natural world and the human hand. Leaving room for the creative process to reawaken my sense of awe is what compels me to show up in front of the canvas again and again. I hope my work provides space for contemplation as it invites the viewer to get close and curious about what they are observing in both the artwork as well as their own internal landscape.

Printing, Mixed Media

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