Marlene Zaleznick

Longmont, CO

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Painting, for me, is a kinesthetic, spiritual process. Something moves through me, swirling colors on the canvass in an attempt to express the unknowable. It is a process of letting go, particularly letting go of control, of achieving a certain outcome I can label as “success”. It is a lesson in trust.

I came to painting late in life. For decades I had creative urges that were put on the back burner in deference to making a living and being a single parent. It wasn’t until I received a serious cancer diagnosis that I gave myself permission to paint. It’s liberating and enlivening like opening floodgates of an old dam. I’ve since realized that saying no to creative impulse is like saying no to life-force itself.

I also write original poetry. At shows I pair my paintings with an excerpt of a poem. When anyone purchases my art, a little piece of poetry will accompany..

It feels like a great privilege to allow this river of creativity to flow through me and perhaps touch another’s heart. For me, it is an expression of love.


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