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Cindi Yaklich


103 Canyon Blvd, Boulder, CO 80302

West on Canyon. Soon after Pearl merges into the Canyon be prepared to turn right.
You'll see a large white sign that says no camping. Right after that you'll see 101 and 103 Canyon - turn right. Then turn right again toward yellow house. Front door on the porch side and upstairs.

I am a 21st-century realist artist focused on the art of objects. Using traditional oil paints on extra-fine Belgium linen canvas, I have a strong intention with each painting. Whether it's the movement of light across the page, telling a historical story, or commenting on a social statement. I love to gather objects that reflect my intention for the painting. That can range from exploring a white-on-white concept to things that tell a story. I don't think I come at it as much from a subject to depict as an intention I want to tell. And at times, I love to stray and paint an animal, car, or landscape.

I find art so rich and full of ideas and intentions. There is never enough time!  Sometimes I seem to have a million ideas going on in my head and can have difficulty deciding what I'd like to paint. I do become significantly influenced by what I'm around and what I'm feeling at the moment. When I do finally settle down on a broad concept, I start by gathering the objects and working on the arrangement. The actual set-up can often take hours of 'fussing.' Many times, I do quick studies to work out composition and color issues to make sure I want to spend the time on this image. After toning the canvas,(putting a wash on the canvas to help eliminate a white canvas.) I sketch the idea on the canvas. And then I paint.

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