Pete Wysong

1732 Quince Ave, Boulder CO 80304

I am an art educator and artist working and living in north Boulder. My ceramic work is always changing but I have always worked with raku pottery and sculpture, as it embodies my interests in all things ceremonial, natural, and mythical. I explore other mediums including pastel, printmaking, and more recently welded metal mixed with raku elements.

I am interested in textural form and blending sculpted elements with thrown forms. My glazing is minimal, challenging the viewer to concentrate more on form, shape, and line, rather than color. However, I do love to include color and experimental surfaces in the firing process. Raku is a 500 year old Japanese technique, surrounding the Japanese Tea Ceremony. Pots are taken directly out of the kiln at 1800 degrees F. and placed into combustible materials that catch on fire and create a carbon-rich environment that interacts with the clay.

Ceramic, Sculpture, Painting/Pastel

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